Managing Transition

A definition of Transition:
“A passage or change from one place, act, set of circumstances etc to another.”
Some transitions are forced upon us whilst others we are aware of and we are able to plan for a new future.

If you use the analogy of a bridge and use where you are currently, that is your start point. Where you want to get to (If you know, new job, career change etc) would be your end/finish point. The gap in between the two points is the journey Transition you will go through.

I am frequently asked, how long will the Transition take? Answer? I don’t know! It depends upon
you, your personal circumstances and what you want to achieve. In addition, whether you will like
it when your Transition ends is another question I cannot answer!

Personal planning and preparation will assist you in answering some of the questions you may have.
Testing out your idea by creating your own opportunity or by volunteering before you commit to further study, taking out loans etc will provide you with some evidence to begin to make a realistic decision about your new future.

What happens if it all goes wrong?! Well, in the Career Guidance process we can find/review the point where the problem is, discuss and if possible put right and then continue with your career planning. If the problem is not able to be solved then, we can return to the beginning of the process if you wish.

If you find yourself at a career xroads, in Transition already and stuck or just want to talk about your current careers situation, make contact today! Help is at hand! Don’t worry!