Career Planning



This has to do with your Core & Work related skills. Consider identifying and then make a
list of what skills you have that you most enjoy using. Be careful not to make the mistake
of listing the one’s that you are best at! The skills you enjoy most are called transferable
skills, because you can relate them to any sector/career, regardless of where you obtained


This has to do with job environments. If you take the analogy of you being a flower then,
you know that a flower has an environment where it thrives best. So with you. You are like a
flower. You will need to decide where you want to use your skills, where you would thrive
and where you could do the most effective work and be happy doing it!


You will need to decide how to get where you want to get to. This has to do with finding
out the names of jobs you would be interested in and the names of organisations in your local area that have such jobs to offer. Coupled with this, the names of people who have the power to hire you. Deciding upon what type of approach would best suit is another important factor to consider. You want to convey that, if hired, you would be part of the solution not the problem they may have!