Hello! Welcome to my website Career Guidance 4u. Thank you for taking time out to look
at the site and I trust you will find it interesting and informative. After completing extensive desk and field research, I decided in November 2015 to set up a Career Guidance Advisory Service in Gravesend Kent. From the people surveyed, over 60% said they would use the service on offer.  There are many people, who for a variety of reasons need careers help. Through discussion, it is possible to identify problems, find solutions and create new idea’s that will give focus and direction so that a new career is possible for you.


Recent statistics show that a high percentage of the working population go to work every day bored and unhappy with their job/career! Simply put, life is too short to be unhappy. Being happy at work means you are more productive and you would have a positive effect on yourself and those around you.

If you find yourself at a career xroads, facing redundancy, returning to the labour market after a break, leaving HM Forces, recently arrived in the UK, seeking Employment, Education or Training. Don’t delay! Make contact today! The first step is nearly always the most difficult to take.

On offer to you is a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your current situation and we can to decide whether I can help you or not. If not, then I can refer you to a variety of agencies that would be able to help you.